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Engineered by Sing-Ed, our company excels in innovating and meeting diverse technology needs with a comprehensive, human-centered approach. Our process spans from initial design to final development, ensuring a seamless and effective integration of technology solutions. Under the leadership of Sing-Ed Executive Management Team, we rigorously test, educate, and implement the latest and most advanced emerging technologies.

Our commitment to education and innovation is reflected in our roles as both educators and creators. We take pride in developing cutting-edge products like NODMA and StemWerkz, which exemplify our dedication to fostering technological advancements. At Sing-Ed, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible, always with an eye toward future growth and development in the ever-evolving EdTech landscape.

Sing-Ed, a leading educational institution, aims to enrich lives through quality learning and sustainable education, guided by core values of integrity, commitment, quality, and innovation. Focusing on growth, Sing-Ed seeks to provide accessible, high-quality education in the East-Asia region, while actively pursuing new investment opportunities aligned with its values and expertise in international education.


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