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LearningFlow.ai serves as a comprehensive hub for schools seeking to integrate AI into their learning environment. Our platform is designed to support both teachers and students by simplifying the incorporation of AI into the curricula.

At LearningFlow.ai, we provide an AI-powered assistant that alleviates the workload of teachers, enabling them to focus their efforts where they matter most—direct engagement with students. Our platform enhances teachers’ proficiency in AI through practical application, simultaneously enriching their instructional capabilities. With a suite of over 50 standard AI tools—and an ever-expanding repertoire— and robust training materials, LearningFlow.ai assists teachers in crafting lesson plans, personalizing instruction, developing assessments, and communicating effectively. The platform’s intuitive interface dispenses with the need for intricate prompts, allowing teachers to swiftly access the resources they require. Additionally, LearningFlow.ai is adaptable, offering customization options that cater to the unique needs of each educational setting.

LearningFlow.ai also champions the cultivation of AI literacy among students, advocating for the responsible application of AI within educational contexts. Rather than prohibiting the use of generative AI, we believe that instructing students in its ethical use is essential for their future success. Given the prevalence of AI tools such as LearningFlow.ai, ChatGPT, Google Bard, and others in professional environments, proficiency in AI is fast becoming a critical skill, akin to email communication, internet research, or basic computer literacy. As teachers, we bear the responsibility of equipping our students for the AI-driven era they are set to inherit. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where AI is utilized constructively, empowering students to become self-reliant, confident, and conscientious users of AI. This, in turn, unlocks learning possibilities that are unattainable without the aid of generative AI.

Generative AI: A type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can create new content based on patterns it learns from existing data. 

LearningFlow.ai: A platform that takes the power of AI and puts it into teachers’ and students’ hands to help them use it productively and responsibly in their respective work.

We ensure that each tool on the platform is accompanied by the best AI model to generate the strongest outputs. The platform can be powered by various models such as OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, Anthropic’s Claude models, Google’s Gemini, and others (and is currently powered by multiple models). 

Based on our experience, there is no single model that is best for all tasks. Constant experimentation is conducted to pair tools with different models to determine the most optimal AI model for specific tasks. We know that AI technology moves fast and therefore, it’s important that we’re able to flex between models to produce the best possible experience for educators. This iterative process ensures that the platform consistently delivers the highest quality responses to its users.

learningFlow.ai offers one unique feature that allows paid users, who do not wish to follow our recommended paired model, to switch to any AI model and experiment the outputs before settling down to a chosen AI model.

While ChatGPT’s policy for students 13 or older, this policy does not apply to the APIs that we employ in our platform. The API from OpenAI does not restrict the age of the end-users for applications developed using the API like LeariningFlow.ai. in our case, we’ve designed the app to be suitable for students under 13, and we ensure the content is appropriate and children’s privacy is protected. So, while direct use of ChatGPT is for those 13 or older, our app responsibly extends the benefits of this technology to younger students, adhering to legal and safety standards. However, the decision on the appropriate age to use our platform rests with the school’s policies and users should follow those – we defer to your policies for usage and Students are always monitored from a responsible adult on the teacher dashboard who can see all interactions.

We always are adding to our suite of exports to make our platform more interoperable where it makes sense (ie. 1-click exports to Google, Microsoft, and more) – but most of our users prefer the experience as a standalone platform.  The most robust experience for using LaerningFlow.ai will always be on our native WebApp.   

Also, teachers can use the Google Chrome extension if they’d like to carry LearningFlow.ai with them wherever they go in other LMS’.

Educator:  Yes, for free or paid users you can login into our platform with Google or Microsoft.  There is an additional service provided for Enterprise users –  we offer SSO with any provider.  

‍Student:  For Individual with LearningFlow.ai for Students, it is joined and monitored by teachers by shared student “join” links similar to platforms like Kahoot. For Enterprise with LearningFlow.ai for Students, we’ll offer identity based sign-in by students so they can tie AI usage to student accounts as an option.

We give access to high level data to monitor teacher usage, and soon, student usage of the product.  You can expect that we will also give greater localized control over the system to you over the course of time.

We launch new tools and features all the time, always inspired by your suggestions and helping to solve your challenges with AI. All the new added features will be available to the subscribers for FREE.  

Enterprise Plan

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