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Frequently Asked Questions serves as a comprehensive hub for schools seeking to integrate AI into their learning environment. Our platform is designed to support both teachers and students by simplifying the incorporation of AI into the curricula.

At, we provide an AI-powered assistant that alleviates the workload of teachers, enabling them to focus their efforts where they matter most—direct engagement with students. Our platform enhances teachers’ proficiency in AI through practical application, simultaneously enriching their instructional capabilities. With a suite of over 50 standard AI tools—and an ever-expanding repertoire— and robust training materials, assists teachers in crafting lesson plans, personalizing instruction, developing assessments, and communicating effectively. The platform’s intuitive interface dispenses with the need for intricate prompts, allowing teachers to swiftly access the resources they require. Additionally, is adaptable, offering customization options that cater to the unique needs of each educational setting. also champions the cultivation of AI literacy among students, advocating for the responsible application of AI within educational contexts. Rather than prohibiting the use of generative AI, we believe that instructing students in its ethical use is essential for their future success. Given the prevalence of AI tools such as, ChatGPT, Google Bard, and others in professional environments, proficiency in AI is fast becoming a critical skill, akin to email communication, internet research, or basic computer literacy. As teachers, we bear the responsibility of equipping our students for the AI-driven era they are set to inherit. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where AI is utilized constructively, empowering students to become self-reliant, confident, and conscientious users of AI. This, in turn, unlocks learning possibilities that are unattainable without the aid of generative AI. 

At, we prioritize guiding users towards conscientious and principled AI interactions. We display these upon login for teachers and students as best practices to use AI safely:


Look Out for Errors: Sometimes AI might not get things quite right or could be a bit biased. It’s important to check before you share anything with your students.

Start with AI, Finish with You: AI is great for beginning your work. Just remember to add your own insights and make sure everything is correct before wrapping up.

Your Decisions Count: Think of AI as a helpful starting point. What you think is best for your class is what really matters, so follow your school’s rules.

Understand AI’s Knowledge: Remember that our AI doesn’t know the latest information from the internet and its learning is up to a certain point in time. This is especially true for new topics.

Keep Personal Info Private: Don’t enter students’ personal details like names or where they live. If something personal does get shared, we’ll work quickly to remove it.


Teachers are Watching: Just so you know, your teacher can see how you use Make sure to follow classroom and school rules.

Math Answers Need Checking: AI can guide you through steps, but it’s not the best at giving exact math answers. Don’t rely on it for your math homework.

Practice Talking to AI: The clearer you are with what you ask, the better AI can help you. If it doesn’t make sense the first time, try asking in a different way.

AI is a Helper, not a Replacement: AI can help, but it’s not there to do all the thinking for you. Your own ideas and thoughts are important.

Always Verify Information: AI might not always be right or could be biased, so it’s good to double-check what it tells you.

Keep Your Details to Yourself: Don’t share things like your name or address. If you do it by accident, we’ll help get rid of it quickly.

As a school is preparing for the future, it’s important to also understand that there is randomness associated with the technology that is inherent to being generative.  Students will find creative ways to get around the safeguards at times despite our best efforts – we’re aware of this and yet, still think it’s important that students have access to AI. 

We’re building for this reason precisely – so students learn about responsible use under the guidance of their teachers safely rather than on their own (teachers can observe all interactions by the students of the tool on their dashboard). Teachers can help bring students inside the lines when they color outside of them – which is something very familiar for educators who have had students use technology inappropriately.

That said, we do a lot to moderate content to make this as safe as possible for an education setting (and much safer than open ended systems like ChatGPT), we’re actively improving moderation. We also have many educational resources for teachers and students and notices for best practices before usage by students and teachers that are accepted before usage as well built into the product.

We’re always open to feedback and will grow and responsibly roll this out as we grow. Please report any issues to us at and it will help us improve moderation.

We train the AI models to moderate content so as to decline certain requests based on age, a school-based setting, and inappropriate content as layers on top of the base models we use that have their own safeguards in place as well. We’re also actively improving content moderation and benefit from feedback when users discover an issue. Find a bug or content that you think shouldn’t display? E-mail us at and we’ll address it.

We built from the ground up for the privacy and security needs of schools and organisations. We do not sell your data, do not release any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to train models, and have world class security and privacy standards. You can find up to date and comprehensive policy documentation on our privacy page here:

The trial version offers identical functionality to the Enterprise version, with the exception that certification courses are not accessible in the trial. This version is designed for educational institutions exploring AI for the first time and seeking to discover how can enhance the teaching and learning experience by integrating AI into their educational environment. The trial period typically spans one academic term and is offered at a 20% reduced rate compared to the Enterprise version.

We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for educational and professional environments, and are pleased to offer either the Trial or Enterprise Programme at a minimal cost. Upon completion of your application, we will schedule a comprehensive meeting to discuss our competitive pricing structure and the attractive volume-based discounts available to you. Elevate your organization’s capabilities by joining us on this journey of discovery and growth.

With industry alternatives like Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT Plus priced at USD 30 and USD 20 per month respectively, we recognized a clear need for a more financially accessible option. Our commitment is to provide an AI tool that not only fits comfortably within the budgetary constraints of educational institutions but also integrates effortlessly into the daily workflows of educators and learners. We are proud to offer a solution that is both affordable and tailored to advance the educational process.

When credits are purchased, they will appear in the credit meter. This meter tracks all non-standard usage and displays the remaining balance of credits. Users will receive a reminder to replenish their credit account once it reaches the pre-set threshold for top-up.

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