At, we offer over 50+ AI tools, with more continually being added, all designed for immediate use without requiring any technical knowledge. Using these tools is as simple as filling out a form, making advanced educational support accessible and user-friendly for everyone.



Mind Map Analyser

Mind Map Analyser Mind maps are excellent tools for making students' thinking visible and organizing their thoughts. By visually mapping out ideas, students can better understand and retain information, facilitating...
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Feedback on Substantiation of Ideas​

Feedback on Substantiation of Ideas​ Providing students with feedback on their writing involves more than just addressing their ideas and organization. The quality and clarity of their ideas can be...
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Worksheet Generator

Worksheet Generator The Learning Flow Worksheet Generator is an innovative AI tool that revolutionises educational content creation. By inputting any topic or text, educators can instantly generate customised worksheets tailored...
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Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning Streamlining lesson planning has never been easier with the This innovative platform empowers educators to create comprehensive and engaging lesson plans tailored to their specific teaching objectives....
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MCQ MCQ is a game-changer in assessment creation, offering educators a seamless way to develop multiple-choice assessments tailored to any topic, standard, or criteria. This innovative platform empowers educators...
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All Available Tools

Tool Name Description
Worksheet Generator Generate a worksheet based on any topic or text.
Multiple Choice Assessments Create a multiple choice assessment based on any topic, standard(s), or criteria!
Text Rewriter Take any text and rewrite it with custom criteria however you'd like!
Lesson Plan Generate a lesson plan for a topic or objective you're teaching.
YouTube Video Questions Generate guiding questions aligned to a YouTube video.
Rubric Generator Have AI write a rubric for an assignment you are creating for your class in a table format.
Informational Texts Generate original informational texts for your class, customized to the topic of your choice.
Professional Email Generate a professional e-mail communication to colleagues and other professional.
Professional Email (reply) Change to 3 options: Accept, reject, answer.
Report Card Comments Generate report card comments with a student's strengths and areas for growth.
Text Dependent Questions Generate text-dependent questions for students based on any text that you input.
Text Dependent Questions and answer GPT4
E-mail Family Generate a professional e-mail communication to families and translate into multiple languages.
Student Work Feedback Based on a custom criteria, have AI give areas of strength & areas for growth on student work.
Text Summarizer Take any text and summarize it in whatever length you choose.
Audio Summarizer
Text Leveler Take any text and adapt it for any grade level to fit a student's reading level/skills.
Text Translator Take any text and translate it into any language instantly.
Song Generator Write a custom song lyric about any topic to the tune of the song of your choice!
Poem Generator New
Text Proofreader Take any text and have it proofread, correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and adding clarity.
E-mail Responder Generate a customized professional e-mail communication in response to an email.
Unit Plan Generator Generate a draft of a unit plan based on topic, standards, objectives, and length of unit.
Math Story Word Problems Write a custom math word/story problem based on the concept you're teaching and a story topic.
Blooms Generate questions based on a topic or standard for each of the 4 Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels.
Project Based Learning (PBL) Based on the principles of Project Based Learning (PBL), create a full project plan.
Letter of Recommendation Generate a letter of recommendation to a university or institution for a student using specific content.
Jeopardy Review Game Create a Jeopardy review game for a fun way to review content with students!
YCT 4 worksheet generator
YCT essay generator based on the YCT levels.
Noun/verb list question generator
Chinese ESSAY and writing guide line. Pick the words from 1000 words based on the keywords supplied and generate questions.
Unpack Word Problem Grade Question, information, translate ()
Making references from Data Pattern to find.
Problem solving skill Maureen
Choice Board (UDL) Create a choice board for a student assignment based on the principles of UDL.
YouTube Video Summarizer Get a summary of a YouTube video in whatever length you choose.
Vocabulary List Generator Generate a list of vocabulary words based on a subject, topic, or text that are important for students.
Group Work Generator Generate group work activity for students based on a topic, standard, or objective.
Teacher Observations Generate areas of strength and suggestions for next steps for a teacher based on a classroom.
Social Stories Generate a social story about a particular event to help a student understand what to expect in that event.
5E Model Lesson Plan Generate a 5E model lesson plan for your science class. Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.
Math Spiral Review Generate a spiral review problem set for any math standards or topics.
Vocabulary Based Texts Generate original texts for your class that include a custom list of vocabulary to help practice words in the text.
Multiple Explanations Generate clear explanations of concepts that you're teaching in class to help student understanding.
Exemplar & Non-Exemplar Have AI write exemplar & non-exemplar responses to specific assignments to help "see" what is expected.
Text Analysis Assignment Generate a text-based analysis assignment that includes a writing prompt along with text dependent questions.
Sentence Starters Provide sentence starters for any topic, assignment, standard, or objective.
Multi-Step Assignment Generate a full assignment based on any topic, including a warmup, academic content, vocabulary, etc.
Real World Connections Generate real-world examples to increase student investment.
Science Labs Generate an engaging science lab based on topics and standards of your choice.
Thank You Note Generate a customized thank you note to show your appreciation!
Custom Chatbot Create a custom chatbot to interact with based on any criteria that you choose!
Make it Relevant! Generate several ideas that make what you're teaching relevant to your class based on their interests.
Assignment Scaffolder Take any assignment and empower students by breaking it down into manageable steps, fostering independence.
Quote of the Day Generate quote of the day suggestions based on any topic.
Class Newsletter Generate a newsletter to send to families weekly.
Clear Directions Make your directions more concise and sequential so they're easier to understand for your students.
Data Table Analysis Generate a table with data of your choice for your class with associated questions.
Team Builder / Ice Breaker Create a team builder / Ice Breaker for virtual or in-person meetings.
Coach's Sports Practice Generate a plan for practice for any sport that you're coaching!
Three Dimensional (3D) Science Assessments Write a three-dimensional science assessment using NGSS standards.
Conceptual Understanding Generate ideas about how to help your students build conceptual understanding.
Common Misconceptions Generate the most common misconceptions and how to address them on any topic.
Text Scaffolder Take any text and scaffold it for readers who are behind grade level or need extra support.
Gift Suggestion A gift suggestion recommendation tool for teachers shopping for all of their loved ones.