Feedback on Substantiation of Ideas​

Providing students with feedback on their writing involves more than just addressing their ideas and organization. The quality and clarity of their ideas can be significantly influenced by their understanding of the rubrics and criteria used for evaluation. Without a clear grasp of these guidelines, students may struggle to effectively present and substantiate their arguments, leading to a gap between their potential and their actual performance.

To bridge this gap, our collection of writing feedback tools is designed to enhance the essential skills needed for presenting ideas and arguments effectively. These tools focus on various critical aspects of writing, helping students to understand and meet the required standards. By using these tools, students can receive detailed feedback on how well they substantiate their ideas, which is crucial for developing strong, persuasive arguments.


Our comprehensive suite of tools evaluates and provides feedback on several key areas, including Substantiation of Ideas, Analysis and Evaluation, Generation of Ideas and more! These tools are designed to forward students’ learning by offering constructive insights that help them improve without directly correcting their work. This approach ensures that feedback is supportive and empowering, allowing students to take ownership of their learning and develop their writing skills more independently.

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